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first day of schoooool!
classes begin today. i'm a sophomore, woo hoo.

my schedule is cool this semester.

mondays: bio and sign II

tuesdays: english and audiology

wednesdays: bio lab, bio, and sign II

thursdays: english, audiology, intro to the deaf world

fridays: bio

fridays are going to be good because i just have bio from 12-12:50.

rugby starts on the 22nd, so a week from tomorrow. i'm so ready for that. today is fall kickoff, where everyone lines up their tables on college avenue and tries to recruit for their club or sport. so we got a bangin spot, and we have a power hookup so that we can play our rugby dvd. we need to recruit so many girls, we lost so many last year!

i'm still working, but nowhere near as much. i have a dinner shift every few days, which is cool because i love being there, even if it does wear me out terribly.

so, i am just as guilty of this as everyone else in the world...but i was thinking this morning, why do we remember anniversaries of bad things happening? we tend to count down right to the days of when awful things have happened in our lives - atleast i do. but, if we do that, why don't we do the same for amazing things that have happened? for instance, today is 39 years and 1 month since the beatles released the single All You Need is Love. today is 2 years and 14 days since i made jr. staff. today is also 16 years, 6 months, and 3 days since nelson mandela was released from his cell in a south african prison. amazing things, these are...but do i count the months since they've happened? nope.

today is going to be a great day.

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i am so excited to hear about your school and your classes...it makes me get even more excited for mine :) take care

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