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summertime and the wind is blowing outside...
it was good to go to chestertown for a few days. i always forget how much i love it there until i'm driving down 213, heading away from it. i don't know if i could ever live there, or raise children there, but i have this connection to it that i would never deny or hide. i love being there, i always have. it's where i was born and where my heart is =)

i only have a week left in DE, and then i won't be back til thanksgiving. i think that's a good thing...i love everyone, and will miss everyone, but greensboro is my home now, and i miss it so much! i can't wait to move into my new house, and see suzi and elliott's new house... i can't believe i wasn't there to be involved in the moving process. i miss the puppies, and i miss ell, and i miss sweet tea haha. i can't wait to start working at gvg, and save up all of my money.

oh, please say a little prayer or wish for jake raborn...he's at st. judes, and he was having a lot of respiratory problems, so he's on the ventilator and sedated. his aunt, "mo" updates on his site, and he's been pretty stable today. but he still needs a lot of help breathing. he's ssoooo cute..

here's his webaddress if you'd like to check it out.


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First of all, I'm getting an apartment in chestertown, so if you ever want to visit but don't feel like sleeping on dog hair (hehe), you're welcome.
Also, it's surprising how much jake looks like liam. I'll be praying for him.

you know my dear, watching you grow up has been a pleasure (from a distance haha). but you are one of the most lovely human beings i know.

stay beautiful


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