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my uncle scott, meghan's dad died on friday night. he had was expected. i'm flying home tuesday morning for the funeral, and coming back wednesday morning. i'll be missing a final, two review sessions, and a class to turn in a huge paper, but the way i see it is, if anything, i mean ANYTHING happened to either of my parents, meghan would be there in a heartbeat for me, and so i am doing this for her and for my uncle scott, who was an amazing man with a ton of accomplishments. he was the county commissioner of kent county, maryland, and he raised two beautiful daughters.

the funeral is in church hill, on tuesday at 1pm, but we'll be going back to chestertown afterwards for the reception. i feel so awful, meghan will probably just go back to her apartment afterwards... my mom said she wants to stay and hang out with meghan and make sure that she'll be okay, she wants me to stay too. i hate when things like this happen.

the irony of this? i'm missing my Relay for Life of the American Cancer Society awards ceremony that I was invited to, to go to a funeral of an amazing father, husband, and man who died of cancer.

i swear to god, if cancer was an object, i would kick the shit out of it. i would mash it into the ground with my metal studded rugby cleats, i would take a baseball bat to it, and i would pour hot acid on it and run it through a paper shredder and i would stick a metal fork in it and put it in the microwave and i would hang it up at a shooting range so that it could be used for target practice and i would attach a heavy weight to it and cast it off a boat in ashark infested ocean...


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