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summertime...and the livin's easy...
andrew straitman said something to me tonight that surprised the hell out of me.

andrew: "i heard a nasty rumor about you"
me: "oh, god...what was it..."
andrew: "are you really not living in delaware this summer?"
andrew: "is it true?"
me: "yeah, haha...i'm living down here this summer."
andrew: "we'll have to discuss this later, young lady! i'm very disappointed!"

it's just kind of funny...i know that maria will miss me haha, because she's definitely expressed that... but i hadn't really thought too much of being missed. i mean, sure my mom will miss me, but she already does miss me. but i mean, everyone will continue on with their normal summers, people will visit south street and don't need me to guide them there, everyone will be bored, mer won't get a job and she'll sleep all day, maria will live at the beach and hopefully visit matt a few times... it really won't be different at all without me, no one will even notice that i'm not there for all of our crazy LSC adventures.

but...really you have no idea how good it will feel for TO ONCE live in another state than him, even if it's only for 3 months. he surrounded me in delaware, he followed me to north carolina... and now is my chance at real freedom, and i cannot wait until i start my job and live with 3 amazing friends. yes, i will miss everyone SO MUCH. i already do...

but anyone is welcome to take a roadtrip down here ANYTIME, my house will have plenty of beds, and maybe you can help me pick out a paint color for my bedroom haha.

i just can't wait.


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it definitely won't be the same, and you will be missed, but it's time to start moving on, not only for you, but for all of us. it's the next step in our lives, and this is how you want to start it, and how you should start it in my mind, although its hard for me to tell you that since i know i'll miss you, i know it's the right thing.

love the color pink, and trident bubble gum,

i will definately miss you too kristen! but, i agree with mer. i am so happy for you. you are following your heart and doing what is best for you. noone can ask anything more of you. you are amazing!

pishaw...who am i supposed to make tv talk shows with now kristen lake (rikki's daughter)?

i can't believe you said it won't be different. it will. i will miss you EVERY SINGLE DAY just like i do here already. and i will notice when we hang out that you're not there. Sometimes it might break my heart...but life will go on...however hard it'll be (;))

and now on the not selfish note, i'm so proud of you. i've already told you that too. i'm glad you'll be free. i know you'll have so much fun with your friends from school, and you can expect atleast one visit from me.

i love you. that's all ive ever really tried to show you. <3

you know where to find me. :)

it's good to be out of this area. to try something new, do something out of your depth. good for you :P

i'd roadtrip to come see you! (even though i havent seen you in forever :P)

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