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soft light makes every sad sight seem alright..
head injuries are a lot more serious than i anticipated. after a stern, stern lecture from two different doctors, i still needed some convincing, and after talking to an ESS major who's been through 3 concussions and can no longer participate in her FAVORITE sport (soccer)... i finally sort of understand. even if you are completely 100% healed after a concussion, and you return to sports, you can suffer from something called "second impact syndrome"... which is basically, if you get hit even slightly, you can lose control of muscles and lose the ability for blood to flow into your brain. which can be fatal.

atleast my experiences are interesting!! i don't plan on sitting out for the rest of the season AT ALL. however, i think that the effects of this concussion is going to last for about a month. from what's been going on... saturday night they pumped enough fluids into me that i am still peeing every 10 minutes. haha. having been on the receiving end of a lot of different types of injuries (broken bones, etc.) i have never, ever gotten a concussion... so i'm really not used to the protocol of this. i'm really not sure what to do with myself... no practicing, etc. i'm a little nervous about swimming, but my teacher has the flu so we're not meeting right now...i'll worry about that one later. my latest problem is that my monologue has to be memorized by friday, and i mean i couldn't even remember what time my first class was today last night when i was setting my alarm. this is an interesting struggle!!

as interesting/funny it may be...deep down every single one of you has to know that this is killing me...i am not a sidelines kind of person. in all of our pictures from the game against duke on sat. i have my back to the camera, and even though elliott let me wear the last jersey - number 18, it still wasn't my jersey, or my size, or my number. i want my size small number 12 jersey with the permanent blood stains on the sleeve from my broken nose back as soon as possible, please. that would be great. :)

until then, i'm cheering as loud as i can, and reading as much as i can about the position i will be taking over in just a few months. guilford college better watch out ;)

time for breakfast.
love kris

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You're tough. I love you. I miss you. I'm proud of you--and I know this must be killing you, but I also know you'll pull through it.

That's all I have to say right now.

Mo :)

i miss you too!!

live it up lady :o)

aww most adorable picture ever :)

am i right in assuming that i will be seeing you in march?

i think so! my spring break is march 3-12...and i will be at the spring rally!!

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